Unlimited practice

Each question is built according to your syllabus so it covers all possible ways it could be asked. When you finally take the test, chances are you've seen each question before.

Track progress

We keep track of how you're doing so that you and your teacher can see how far you've come. We'll also show you areas that might need a little extra practice.


Teachers, this one is for you. All of your students' work is graded and saved automatically. You can log in and see how they're doing at any time.

Unparalleled scope

From key signature identification to analyzing fugal devices, we have it all. Teachers, you can prepare all of your students with just one resource.

For Students

Ace this year's theory exam

Check out this video of a sample bottomless exam for the Florida State Music Teachers Association

For Teachers

Monitor your entire studio's work on one page

Pinpoint problem areas immediately without spending hours grading practice tests